Colorful Croatian Expressions

If you are learning Croatian so that you can speak with your Croatian friends, relatives, colleagues or maybe your Croatian in-laws… knowing some Croatian expressions might give you some brownie points!

For example: do you know how to say It’s raining cats and dogs in Croatian? (Warning: do not take a dictionary and translate literally or you’ll end up with something really, really weird!) Or if someone tells you in Croatian Izvodiš bijesne gliste! (The dictionary is not your friend here either, as the literal translation is: You are acting like crazy earthworms 😀 😀 😀 ) But, what were they really telling you? Well, keep clicking and find out! 

We had a lot of fun preparing these expressions for you. Many of them made us literally roll on the floor from laughter! We hope you have the same side effects! Enjoy learning Croatian with colorful Croatian expressions!

To see a video click on the title below.

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