#1 Croatian visual dictionary: kod frizera, šišanje, skratiti vrhove


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kod frizera: at the hairdresser’s
Idem kod frizera jednom mjesečno. = I go to the hairdresser’s once a month.

šišanje: haircut
Šišanje košta 8 eura. = A haircut costs 8 euros.

skratiti vrhove: to trim the ends
Molim vas, samo mi skratite vrhove. = Please, just trim the ends.

As in other countries, in Croatia going to a hairdresser’s is also an opportunity for socializing. Many people tend to go to the same hairdresser for years, so they get to know the staff and other customers very well.

The photo was taken in Buzet (Istria).
Photo credit: Mateja Horvat 


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