#7 Croatian visual dictionary: pogled, u daljini, planinariti


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pogled: view
Sa 16. kata imam divan pogled na grad. = I have a wonderful view of the city from the 16th floor.

u daljini: in the distance
U daljini se vidi grad. = The city can be seen in the distance.

planinariti: to hike
Volim planinariti hrvatskim planinama. = I like hiking the Croatian mountains.

In the photo, there are mountains and valleys of Slavonia, a region in the eastern part of Croatia. Slavonia is usually considered to be quite flat: compared with the mountainous regions like Lika or Gorski Kotar, that certainly is true as the highest peak in Slavonia, Brezovo Polje, is only 984 m high. However, although the mountains in Slavonia aren’t especially high, there are quite a lot of them, and they are an excellent choice for hiking if you want to enjoy stunning nature and don’t want a path that is too demanding.

Photo credit: Iva Antoliš 


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