#6 Croatian visual dictionary: palača, drevan, povijest


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palača: palace
Kralj je živio u prekrasnoj palači. = The king lived in a magnificent palace.

drevan: ancient
Ljudi imaju slične običaje još od drevnih vremena. = People have had similar customs since ancient times.

povijest: history
Povijest je učiteljica života. = History is the teacher of life. 

In the photo, there is Dioklecijanova palača (Diocletian’s palace) built in the 4th century AD for the Roman emperor Diocletian in the city of Split. It is the heart of the old city, where you can see other remains of Roman times, but also beautiful buildings built during the reign of Venice and later periods of history. 

The photo was taken in Split, Dalmatia.
Photo credit: Iva Antoliš


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