#5 Croatian visual dictionary: rezanci, bistra juha, kokoš


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rezanci: noodles
Volim juhu s puno domaćih rezanaca. = I like soup with lots of homemade noodles.

bistra juha: clear soup, broth
Za predjelo imamo bistru goveđu juhu. = We are having beef broth as a starter.

kokoš: hen
Kokoši nesu jaja. = Hens lay eggs.

In the photo, there is a soup made by my grandmother. It is also known as svatovska juha (wedding soup) because it is traditionally served at weddings in Slavonia. It is made with older chickens or hens and a lot of vegetables and herbs (carrots, celery, onions, parsley, garlic and lovage). It has to be cooked for a few hours. At the end, the bones, meat and vegetables are strained, and the broth is boiled again, this time with noodles. The meat can be used in sos i meso – boiled chicken meat and tomato or dill sauce. 

Photo credit: Iva Antoliš


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