#3 Croatian visual dictionary: bagatela, cjenkati se, buvljak


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bagatela: dirt cheap
Ove knjige su bagatela na sajmu. = These books are dirt cheap at the fair.

cjenkati se: to haggle
Cjenkala sam se s prodavačem pa sam prošla jeftinije. = I haggled with the salesman so I got it cheaper.

buvljak: flea market
Idem u nedjelju na buvljak kupiti stare knjige i ploče. = I am going to the flea market this Sunday to buy old books and records.

The photo was taken at the biggest flea market in Croatia – Hrelić. It takes place every Sunday on the outskirts of Zagreb as part of a car market. As you can see in the photo, you can find very diverse produce – some new and some second-hand. In case you are looking for something a bit fancier and closer to the city center, go to the flea market at Britanski trg on a Sunday morning.

The photo was taken in Zagreb at the Hrelić flea market.
Photo credit: Iva Antoliš


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