#2 Croatian visual dictionary: baština, imanje, dvorište


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baština: heritage
Moramo očuvati stara sela, to je naša baština. = We need to preserve our old villages, they are our heritage.

imanje: estate
Moj djed je imao veliko seosko imanje. = My grandfather had a big country estate.

dvorište: yard
Želim kuću s velikim dvorištem. = I want a house with a big yard.

In the photo, there is a traditional old house from the northwestern part of Croatia, Hrvatsko zagorje. Although today the Croatian countryside is mostly filled with modern houses, you can still find some traditional estates. Each region has houses of different styles, due to different climate and cultural influences. In recent years, rural tourism in the continental part of Croatia has developed, so you can visit restored old estates and explore agricultural practices and food that was typical in the past. 

The photo was taken in Desinić, Hrvatsko zagorje.
Photo credit: Mateja Horvat 


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