Full list of adverbs of time in the Croatian language
Yesterday, today, tomorrow


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Adverbs of time

Adverbs of time are very frequently used words in the Croatian language. Every time that you want to say when something happened, for how long, or how often, you’ll need an adverb of time.

Basically, all the words that can come as an answer to questions like kad(a)? (when?), otkad(a)? (since when?) or dokad(a)? (until when?) are adverbs of time.

Let’s learn what the most frequent adverbs of time in the Croatian language are! 

Kad(a)? (When?)

nikad(a) (never),  rijetko (rarely), ponekad (sometimes), nekad (sometime(s)), katkad (sometimes), često (often), uvijek (always)

danas (today), sutra (tomorrow), preksutra (the day after tomorrow), jučer (yesterday), prekjučer (the day before yesterday), noćas (tonight), sinoć (last night), preksinoć (two nights ago), jutros (this morning), ujutro (in the morning), večeras (this evening), predvečer (in the early evening), navečer (in the evening), popodne/poslijepodne (in the afternoon), danju (by day), noću (at night)

ljetos (last summer), proljetos (last spring), jesenas (last autumn), zimus (last winter), ljeti (in summer), zimi (in winter), lani (last year), dogodine (next year)

rano (early), ranije (earlier), prerano (too early), kasno (late), kasnije (later), prekasno (too late), davno (long time ago), nedavno (recently), uskoro (soon), skoro (almost), prije (before), poslije (afterwards), odmah (immediately), smjesta (right away)

sad(a) (now), tada (then), onda (then), zatim (then, after that), potom (then, after that), pritom (in so doing), ikad(a) (ever), bilo kad(a) (whenever), napokon (finally), konačno (eventually), dan-danas (even today), ponov(n)o/opet (again), istodobno (at the same time)…

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Otkad(a)? (Since when?)

odsad(a) (from now on), otad(a) (since then), oduvijek (always), odavno (since a long time ago), odmalena (from an early age)…

Dokad(a)? (Until when?)

dosad(a) (till now), dotad(a) (till then)…

How many of those adverbs are familiar to you? And to use one of them… Otkad učite hrvatski? Since when have you been learning Croatian?

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