Scholarship for learning Croatian as a foreign language
for female asylum seekers in Croatia

This scholarship for learning Croatian as a foreign language is an outcome of the program of the Odvažna competition for female entrepreneurs 2020/2021. SpeakCro was a winner of the program and with its support, we grew our company by 23%. Consequently, we are now able to give back to the community by supporting other women in the form of two scholarships for learning Croatian for two asylum seekers in Croatia. 

Through these scholarships, SpeakCro will support women who have found security in Croatia to find work and to expand their circles of friendship more easily with their new knowledge of the Croatian language. 

More information about the SpeakCro scholarship and tuition program for learning Croatian as a foreign language: 

      • Program duration: 37 weeks (9 months) 
      • Dynamics of teaching: 60 minutes per week of direct communication with the teacher, as well as extracurricular activities 
      • Number of participants: 2
      • Method of communication: via the internet – audiovisual communication with the teacher in real time
      • Location: not specified. 

Interested asylum seekers can apply via the application form below no later than 20 November 2021.